08 September 2014

Ayatul Kursi

If you have not memorized Ayatul Kursi yet, I highly recommend you do!
The benefits to reciting this are endless:

1. Recite while leaving your house and 70,000 angels will protect you from all sides.

2. Recite while entering your house and poverty won't enter your home.

3. Recite after ablution and it raises you 70 times in Allah's rank.

4. Recite before sleeping and 1 angel will protect you the whole night.

5. Recite after prayer and the only thing separating you from Paradise is death.

If you SHARE this it's Sadaqa Jariya which means you keep getting rewarded for it every time someone acts on it even after you have died, up until the day of judgement.


  1. mashallah the amazing rewards allah gives us for doing the simplest things. such a great reminder JAK :)

  2. Salaam,

    Thanks for this lovely reminder. May Allah (SWT) increase your reward insha Allah

    Rukaiya | Muslim in the Big City

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