13 October 2011


I wear my Hijab and some sisters ask me "Don't you get hot in that" O my dear sisters how can I explain to you? You can't bare the heat here? How will you ever be able to bare the heat in hell? It's worth thinking about sisters, it's never too late, wear your Hijab, fulfill your duty & be a Muslim beauty!


  1. Yea.....thats basically saying if you dont wear a scarf on your head, youre going to hell. not cool. there are so many other things as a muslim that are required that make us muslim like starting with the 5 pillars like faith in One god, Allah, prayer, fasting etc that if we neglect actually take us out of the fold of the deen.

  2. @ Nawal: I didn't say that if you don't wear hijab you will go to hell. There are 5 pillars of Islam. You have to follow and believe the 5 pillars. Then you can call yourself a muslim. Hijab is obligatory to wear. And if one decides not to wear it then it'e her personal choice. I have noting against it.

  3. Ok, but to respond to a question about arent you hot with how are YOU (the sister with no scarf) going to bear the heat in hell for not wearing it is what im address it seems a bit extreme of a statement to suggest ones salvation is dependent upon a piece of fabric

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