25 March 2011

Canada designs special hijab for token Muslim prison guard

OTTAWA — Correctional Service of Canada is drawing both criticism and applause for taking steps to accommodate the religious and cultural practices of a female Muslim prison guard — the first ever hired in the country.

The Muslim Canadian Congress called it “apologist” and “politically correct” that CSC is designing a special hijab for wearing inside the men’s federal penitentiary where the recruit will be posted after completing a nine-week training program. MCC vice-president Salma Siddiqui declared it “nonsense” that the employee is permitted to wear long sleeves and gloves to avoid skin-to-skin contact with males and worked out prayer times with the employer.

Siddiqui insisted religious faith should not be a factor on-the-job for any employee who chooses the profession of a correctional officer.

“I don’t think there should be any emphasis on Muslim or not,” she told QMI Agency. “They are being Canadian and politically correct. We do not have to live with that guilt.”

The recruit will wear a hijab designed to come off easily if grabbed by an inmate to gain physical control. Siddiqui said there is no religious requirement to cover one’s head – that it is the “uniform” of the Muslim brotherhood and international Islamist movement – and worries it may fuel rising concerns about the “penetration” of Islamist ideology into society.

But Liberal MP Mark Holland sees no problem making certain allowances to accommodate cultural and religious practices as long as institutional security and quality of work are not compromised.

“Wherever possible, you want to see diversity in the workplace and to have a broad range of perspectives represented,” he said. “Within the correctional service, that can often be an important part of rehabilitation when you have different people working in prison who will understand different cultural and religious backgrounds. That absolutely can provide great benefit in dealing with different situations that might arise within those prison walls.”

Holland said the employee is blazing a new path, and hopes employees in all facets of the public service understand the benefits of a diverse work force.

Canada is blazing a new path, right toward dhimmitude and sharia law.


  1. honestly, it makes me sick when "muslim" people try to take away rights that some of us have finally earned. it is REALLY HARD to find a job that will let me cover, and here is this lady saying that it's not a part of islam. really it's my pet peeve....


  2. Seriously? There is no requirement to cover one's head? Has she read the Qur'an or hadiths lately? As a hijabi wearing Canadian convert I wish the MCC would just, well, sit down and shut up. They make the majority of us look like we're extremists when we are not. This, yet again, shows that.

  3. I second Never Ever's comment.


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