30 September 2010

Are muslim women allowed to wear make up?

I'm a big fan of natural make up. When I go out, I like to wear clear mascara, eye liner & lip gloss. As much as my Islamic knowledge is concerned, it is not forbidden to wear make up as long your intentions are pure. However, I see lots of sisters wearing heavy make up & all. I think heavily made face calls for attention, especially if you are a hijabi. What do you think guys? Are Muslim women allowed to wear make up?


  1. I think that there is make up and then there's show girl make up. I made a post just now about what I like to wear usually, which is basically to make my skin look smooth yet natural. I wear eyeliner and mascara with some light pink eye shadow but not much more. When actually looking at the package, it wouldn't particularly stand out but rather look like I'm naturally smooth looking lol! =) I think everything its down to the intention, you can look well kept and beautiful without being the centre of attention.

  2. I agree with Mrs Handbag Addict on the last statement. In my opinion, if you've become the center of attention because of make up, then something doesn't seem right.

    To do anything purely for Allah's sake should never be overlooked, inshaAllah. :)

  3. i'm so sick of people saying makeup is haram, It's not about an opinion it's about is it haram?? well I;d like to see proof for either argument

  4. salam,im just dropping by to share something.i also have the same Q about make up usage since i love beauty lots :) a friend of mine told me that even we wear something that could change the natural look and might called as Tabarruj are not allowed at all.However,we should refer to Quran and ustaz for clarification.Wallahualam..

  5. I agree, there are many things people automatically say is HARAM. Guys HARAM is a big word, and we are measly humans and have no right to declare something like this. At the end it is between the person and Allah! I'm 17, wear the hijab, and yes wear makeup. I wear makeup to hide my scars from acne, ( i know teen years are hard.. ) a bit of lipgloss/lipbalm to prevent chapped or dry lipps, and on special occasions I wear eyeliner! I see nothing wrong with looking neat, and beautiful. Allah has never told us we can't look beautiful, or put makeup on to feel nice about ourselves, or be more presentable. As for makeup for husband, well then this is where us ladies can step away from the natural look and do some more dramatic eye catching make up for our husbands lol :). Again, modesty is key. However that does not mean you have to look ugly, you can look pretty in a natural way, and yes this can be achieved with makeup, as long as you know how to use it and look natural yet pretty at the same time. I think guys need to get out of this idea that when girls try to look pretty its for them, nope most of the time we all need a little boost, and if Allah has provided this then why not us it. But again i agree don;t go overboard with the makeup, cause you don;t want guys to stare at you! Insha Allah we all share our opinions without hurting others or putting them down. BY the way there are much more important factors in Islam we should achieve like prayers, and honesty, and zakat, instead of arguing about makeup application.. Allah Hafiz!

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