21 May 2010

Strange E-mail!!!!

Assalamu Alaikum dear friends,

Yesterday I received a really strange e-mail. Below you can read the e-mail. Please give me some suggestions regarding this matter.

"Assalamualaikum, sister Nazia.

My name is Nabila and I'm from Malaysia. I'm a frequent reader of your blog and before i forget, congratulations on your baby girl! Refering to the Subject heading, no, i'm not in dire need of an organ or something like that. Actually, i'm begging you to help me shop some things from Shukr. I'm in love with Shukr clothings, and they are in fact having a sale right now.

You might ask, why don't i just buy them by myself? The thing is that I'm still studying and my parents won't let me neither own a credit card nor use theirs. Actually i have a friend in the US and she usually shops for me but the things i want were unfortunately sold out in my sizes in both Shukr US and UK. But, FORTUNATELY, i've checked the Canada store, and it's still on sale and in my size! How awesome is that? That's supercalifragilisticexpaliadociously AWESOME for me because it's sooo hard to find such modest yet fashionable clothings here, in Malaysia. Actually, it's a denim jumper dress, which is really hard to find in Malaysia. And plus, majority Malaysians are short so the sizes of clothings they carry often fits me rather badly if not uglily.

So, i beg you once again to consider helping me shop at Shukr as I don't know anyone else living in Canada and I guess I could trust you judging from your blog. I promise that I won't cheat you, and I guess you might be worried about that, right? Please don't fret, i'm offering to pay in advance the total amount before you deliver anything to me. And the fastest, safest and easiest way is via Western Union. I usually use this quite a lot, and I bought things from Canada before, which are from SunnahStyle and SoundVision, in case you are wondering. Plus, in the Western Union form, i'll give my full personal details etc. so you can definitely report me to the police if i did con you. But i swear, Wallahi, i'm not. And i'm sure, Muslim to Muslim, you won't con me either, right?

So, do please consider but if you don't agree, i'll understand. Whatever your decision is, don't hesitate to contact me by this email address and i hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you and Jazakillah.

Yours sincerely,

p/s: sorry for the really long email. I blabber quite a lot."


  1. That's super-strange. I think all a person needs to order from Shukr is a credit card... And being from Malaysia, she needs to order from the UK site so I'd give her that information and not accept to use my money on her! She might be sincere, but in that case, it's ANYONE she knows who just needs a credit card to help her, so she should find such a person who she actually KNOWS.

    If you really wanted to help a person out and are tempted by the opportunity, you should make a point to *create* an opportunity to help someone out! I do that when I feel I could have done something but didn't because I wasn't sure if I was being taken advantage of. Like a person asking for money on the street. I say no and then make a small donation in a box at a resto or something for a children's charity.

  2. Salaam sister ...I really want to warn you...don't deal with anything and Western Union and Foreign be sounds like a scam.....why would she need a stranger...she could just find someone in her own country....please be careful...I do not believe that this is legitimate....I would just air on the side of safety and not do it. Thanks,

  3. Asalamu Alaikum, one word: scam

  4. Salam alaikom Sis,

    As much as it sounds sincere to me, you can never be too sure of other people's motives wallahu'alam. If you really agree on helping her, then make sure you get all her details AND money first before making the purchase. However, you might not be comfortable with sharing your personal details since you are required to fill in your address,home number,passport etc and she needs to know all that before sending the cash...(if my memory serves me right that is) and we all know it's not safe to give personal details to strangers :)

  5. Salam sis. inshAllah it was a sincere sister and not a scam. But like others I would watch it. Sounds dodgy. And if the person really was a sincere Muslimah who followed your blog like she says she would have come on here directly going 'It's me it's me! I am sincere sorry to freak you out sis!"

    inshAllah it is all bhalo. kheir.

  6. If you want to help her, then ofcourse you could order it to yourself and ship it to her, so that you dont endanger your credit card information. You can even send it to her anonymously without putting your own address on it.

    If not, just reply and tell her you cannot. Wa Allahu A3lam.

    your brother in Islam

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