12 July 2009

Duties as a Muslim

I definitely agree that Western Media is giving lots of attention to Michel Jackson’s death. However, we as Muslims shouldn’t disrespect someone over his religion, status or race. He was a famous man & he is dead now. We should have some respect for a dead man. It’s none of our business to discuss about his personal life & we are no one to judge him. It’s up to Allah (SWT) to decide about his after life fate. I read some of sister’s blog about him & certain sisters are frustrated over the attention that Michel Jackson is getting! We are all grown ups here and if we respect someone in our own blogs; we shouldn’t be judged. I know there are others important things to talk about; nevertheless, if someone decided to give respect to Michel it’s not the end of the world. I hope my dear followers will agree with me regarding this matter.

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  1. Well said about respecting or showing respect for the dead, aA.

    You've been tagged btw! Check out my blog!

    Fatty x

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