24 June 2009

Little Mosque on the Prairie

Today I wanted to talk about something else rather than hijab. There is a show going on in Canada named as "Little Mosque on the Prairie". Little Mosque on the Prairie is a sitcom that focuses on the comedic outlook of a small Muslim community interacting with the citizens of a little prairie town named Mercy.

The sitcom reveals that although we are different in ethnicity and in skin color, we are all surprisingly similar when it comes to family, love, the generation gaps, and our attempts to balance our secular and religious lives while trying to understand those of others in the community. The sitcom is very popular in Canada & it is trying to really give a positive outlook towards Muslims. The sitcom also talks about the misconceptions about Islam.

If you want to follow the show you can always watch it on CBC or may be you can follow it on YouTube. Enjoy!!!


  1. i watched a few episodes i must say i found it funny even though they were blatantly taking the mick out of muslims

  2. A show like this is needed in America! Proves to me that Canadians are way more open-minded than Americans when it comes to Muslims. I'm going to send this post of yours to my groups and post it to my Facebook account insha'Allah

  3. thanks so much sis for the heads up about this show im downloading the first season now. thank you salaamz

  4. I love Little Mosque! It's funny and gives a good view of Muslims overall. It kinda makes a lot of fun at Christians in some episodes. It's way more harsh at Christians, really...

    To everyone not in Canada, go watch it on youtube or on

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